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Rotary Indexer

Rotary IndexerGeneric Slides rotary indexer is a compact, accurate and cost effective solution for horizontal indexing applications. The Rotary indexer is ready to go and out of the box simple to use. Select an index increment and go. Integration with other machinery and equipment is easy using a basic I/O handshake, go and done signal.

Accu-Index - Rotary Indexers from Generic Slides

  • Provides a rigid, and compact horizontal indexing head for, engraving, laser marking, drilling, light machining, and assembly.
  • When used with our optional free running steady rest, and chuck, the rotary indexer can support long tubes, shafts or fixturing for indexing operations.
  • Rotary indexers combined with our slide products provide combinations of linear and rotary motion.
  • Provides an indexing function for automated systems, machinery, and equipment.

Rotary Indexer

Standard Features:

  • Robust Construction from aluminum bar stock
  • 64 Rc Hardcote finish
  • Single piece spindle and tooling flange
  • Preloaded tapered roller bearings
  • 5 in universal 3 jaw chuck with jaws for ID or OD clamping
  • Direct anti-backlash motor drive
  • Self contained controller
  • Programmable index increments and speeds
  • Switch or remote selectable index increments
  • Manual operation, or easy interface with PC or PLC

Rotary Indexer

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