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About Generic Slides

Generic Slides is your source for linear motion and positioning solutions. Our comprehensive product line combines unique combinations of tried and proven design features that are geared to making your applications successful.

We supply the smooth, accurate, low friction, precision, Ball slides, linear single axis slides, and multiple axis stages, x-y tables, and robust, heavy duty slides and slide systems with the performance that you need, and the quality you expect.

Generic Slides provides English and metric, linear motion components with travels ranging from fractions of an inch to thirty feet, and payload capacities of several ounces to several thousand pounds.

We provide slides and slide systems for precision instrumentation and test equipment, automation, OEM medical aerospace, and commercial components and subsystems.

Our manual slides, round rail slides, square rail slides, lead screw slides, ball screw slides, servo-slide systems, stepper motor driven slides, motor ready slides, x-y tables, equipment transporters and gantries are robust tolerant of contamination and provide durability, maintainability, and superior performance.

They are ready to go, with a multitude of standard options, for easy integration with automation systems, medical, commercial and industrial applications. Our electric slides are replacements for air cylinders and slides.

We specialize in long travels, heavy payloads, and application specific solutions.

You can put our experience to work for you. Because we have been integrating turnkey systems since 1971, there are many standard options and innovative designs available for your use. With us there is a fine lie between specials and off the shelf units. As with all Generic Slides quality products, custom slides are competitively priced to reduce your equipment cost.

Our manufacturing division can provide:

  • Precision machining
    • Specializing In CNC milling & turning, drilling and grinding of metals and plastics
  • High Precision Component Parts
  • Machine Bases
  • Stations & Columns
  • Jigs & Holding Fixtures
  • Prototype development to production
  • Design/manufacture of Special Machinery and Assemblies
    (pneumatic, hydraulic & automated)
  • Other Services include:
    • Engineering
    • CAD drafting
    • Plating
    • Welding
    • Assembling
    • Testing


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Phone: 412/ 492-7272 | Fax: 412/ 492-7271 | Email:

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