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Generic Slides Expands the MS Slide Series

January 10, 2009

Glenshaw, PA, USA- Generic Slides, a nationwide leader in linear motion and positioning solutions, announces the introduction of the MS850Z series Z-Axis slide. The MS850Z slide, Generic Slides' newest addition to their MS Slide Series, utilizes motorized z-axis positioning, motorized travel, and repeatable z-axis positioning in combination with a fixed precision laser in order to provide quality laser engraving, cutting, and cladding in stand alone and automated laser systems.

MS850Z Options:
  • A.C. Servo Positioning
  • Open or Closed Loop Stepper Positioning
  • Manual Push Button Positioning
  • Digital Position Display
  • Scale and Pointer Position Indicator

All MS850Z series Z-Axis slide versions feature an on board controller integrated in the slide's base, making user interface practical and straightforward. The Servo and Stepper motor versions are motor controlled, fully programmable, and outfitted with compatible inputs and outputs for interface with a PC or PLC.

Controlling the manual motor versions is made simple by the implementation of pressure sensitive up and down push buttons. Tapping the buttons lightly jogs the table, while holding the buttons down causes the table top to move at a faster rate, allowing for rapid travel over long distances. Pointers, engraved rules, dials, or digital read outs display the slide's position.

The MS850Z series Z-axis slide is best suited for vertical payloads of 120 lbs or less. Other models are available based on the time proven MS series slides. These Z-axis slides provide you with a wide variety of size and payload options to choose from. As with all Generic Slides products, the MS850Z series Z-Axis slide is competitively priced to reduce your equipment cost.

MS850z Z Axis Slide
MS850Z series Z-Axis slide shown with standard features and A.C. Servo Positioning

For additional information regarding the MS850Z series Z-Axis slide
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